Membership Information

welcomes you to apply for membership to our Society.



You can join SOMANZ online.


SOMANZ offers the following benefits to Full and Student Financial Members:-

  • Newsletters and e-Bulletins
  • Special Society Reports
  • Discount on registration fees in attending the Annual Scientific Meeting including the conference proceedings
  • Opportunity to participate in the Annual Scientific Meeting
  • The Society makes available a number of awards at the Annual Scientific Meeting. Applications are called for as part of the abstract submission process, and are judged at the ASM. These include: SOMANZ Poster Awards, SOMANZ Andrew Phippard memorial Award and the SOMANZ President's Award
  • Travel Grants to attend the Annual Scientific Meetings for Junior Investigators
  • Participate in other research and educational activities and projects conducting by the Society
  • Access to the Obstetric Medicine Journal (Hardcopy & Online) available to financial members only
  • Apply for the annual SOMANZ Research Grant


Ordinary Members

Any person who is engaged in research, or in the practice of the broad field of hypertension in pregnancy or obstetric medicine, or who has demonstrated particular interest in this area, is eligible for election as a Member. A student is classified as a member who is involved in advanced training, or undertaking a PhD or an MD (part time or full time) with an annual income limit of A$35,000.

Honorary Members

Any person, distinguished in the study of hypertension in pregnancy or obstetric medicine at home or abroad, who has made material contributions to the advancement of hypertension in pregnancy or obstetric medicine, may be made an Honorary Member by the approval of the Council.



SOMANZ Membership for the 2016 period is from 01 July 2016 to 30 June 2017

(Admission to membership at any stage during the year will still attract a full year subscription fee)

Please Note:
Membership includes the quarterly Obstetric Medicine Journal for financial members only. Unfinancial members of one or more years will not receive the journal (hard copy) retrospectively if membership is paid after the subscription renewal due date. Online access to the journal will also be suspended to unfinancial members.

Australian Members

2016 SOMANZ Full Member -  A$198.00 
(includes $18.00 GST)

2016 SOMANZ Student/Allied Health/Scientist Member - A$99.00 
(includes $9.00 GST)                                                                             

Overseas Members

2016 SOMANZ Full Member - A$180.00

2016 SOMANZ Student/Allied Health/Scientist Member - A$90.00      


Student Members

Applications for reduced rates (student) including signature and phone number of Supervisor is required for student members. 

Honorary & Life Members

Are not required to pay subscription fees.


Once applications are received by the Society Office, they are submitted for consideration at the next SOMANZ Council Meeting. The Society Office will inform the applicants by a written letter of their membership status following the Council Meeting. If the new member application is successful, the applicant will receive instructions on how to login to the Member area of the SOMANZ website. Once the membership application is approved; the Society Office will process the membership fee payment. The successful applicant will also start to receive the Obstetric Medicine Journal (hardcopy) and also online access when the applicant is officially a member of SOMANZ.



Please read the SOMANZ Privacy Policy below prior to applying for membership.


The Society of Obstetric Medicine of Australia and New Zealand (SOMANZ) complies with the Australian Privacy Principles; The Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012, effective 12 March 2014. Personal information provided by Members, or that has been provided prior to 12 March 2014, will only be used or disclosed by the Society in accordance with the National Privacy Principles for purposes directly related to membership of the Society.

The Society will not disclose personal information to third parties except to hospitals and other health institutions, medical colleges and specialist medical societies, and to service providers, and only for purposes directly related to:

• providing education, training and continuing medical education / professional development;

• the supply of services and products endorsed by or associated with the Society; and

• membership of the Society.

In such circumstances the Society will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that the recipient handles such personal information in accordance with appropriate privacy principles and only for the purpose for which it was provided. Future requests for any Member to provide or update personal information will be accompanied by a request for the Member’s consent for any disclosure of that information in accordance with the privacy legislation.

Please ensure that you indicate clearly on your new membership application form that you have read this and agree or disagree with this policy and the use of your personal information by SOMANZ.